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There are many great advantages to having your windows professionally cleaned; having clean windows instantly improves your view allowing you to see outside without having to look past smudges and other marks. Enjoy the feeling of having sparkling windows from both the inside and outside, and soak up the sun as the light is able to beam in like never before. Get the best window cleaning in Baton Rouge LA, and see how much of an improvement clean windows can have to your home.

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Our residential window washing service covers all your home’s window washing needs, including cleaning window screens and tracks if necessary. The screens accumulate layers of dust and debris that need to be removed to stop it from spreading around your house, and the tracks need to be kept clear to enable the window to fully function. Cleaning your own windows can be a difficult and even risky job, but with our professional service, you can have gloriously clean windows without having to lift a finger. Our window cleaning Baton Rouge LA company is equipped with a trained and skilled team, and we use water-fed poles to ensure the job is done safely and thoroughly on every window on your home.

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Commercial window washing presents even more of a challenge for you than the windows at your own home, for starters there a likely to be far more needing cleaning, and often several stories high. Fortunately, our commercial cleaning service is able to tackle these tough and dangerous jobs and help you to ensure that the cleaning and maintenance of the property are being upheld – not to mention how great of an impression clean windows give to potential clients and even passersby.

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Window washing is a tough and laborious job that requires a lot of physical exertion as well as the right training and tools. It’s a job that can put you at risk if you try to do it yourself, especially if you are having to use a ladder. In order to stay safe and have a job well done, it is always best to use a professional and reliable company to take care of it for you. Our Baton Rouge LA window cleaning team has highly trained and experienced staff who can get any job done effectively and efficiently and help you to enjoy the pleasure of sparkling clean windows. Our list of loyal customers keeps on growing each year, and we are proud of the reputation we have built up – we do everything possible to make sure that we are consistently the best company in the area!


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Window Cleaning Questions

We clean your windows using traditional methods that include squeegees and water-fed poles. Oftentimes, the traditional way works best, but if needed we will use the water-fed pole to safely clean up to 3 stories high. Everyone on our team at Primeaux window cleaning in Baton Rouge LA is highly trained and we can guarantee that we will leave your windows sparkling.

We can clean up to three stories high using a water-fed pole that ensures the windows are cleaned safely but thoroughly. Despite us cleaning so high, we are fully insured, so in the rare case that an accident does happen, you will never be at risk of liability.

Residential windows usually need to be cleaned less frequently than commercial windows. However, it will partly depend on where you live, for example, extreme weather conditions can often mean that your windows need to be cleaned more regularly. Our team is always on hand to offer practical advice and help you figure out how often is best for you.

The final price of the window washing will depend on the size of the job and what type of service you need. However, our team is on hand to give you an accurate price based on your own situation, and no work will ever be carried out without you having full knowledge of the price beforehand – there are no hidden costs with us.

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