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Roof cleaning is an essential part of your home’s maintenance, the cleaning isn’t done only for aesthetic purposes but for damage prevention as well. Keeping your roof clean will ensure that the material coating your roof will stay more durable for longer and go a long way to preventing cracked roofing or even leaks. Additionally, a clean roof is much more appealing for your home, and our team can remove all types of algae, staining, and other residues, making your home shine. Get the best roof cleaning in Baton Rouge LA, instantly increase your home’s curb appeal, and help ward off any unwanted repair bills.

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Roof Cleaning

Asphalt shingles may look great, but they attract all kinds of residues and moss. If left alone, the moss will expand over time and eventually lead to cracking the shingles and causing roof leaks. Our soft washing service efficiently and effectively removes any moss or other staining and will help keep your roof in the best condition all year round.

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Roof Cleaning

Tiles may be more durable than shingles, but that doesn’t mean you should be complacent about the upkeep. Like with shingles, tiles can also attract unwanted moss and other growths, as well as the tiles losing their shine from the wear and tear of the weather, algae, and staining, Soft washing is the perfect solution to leaving your roof tiles sparkling once again.

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Roof Cleaning

Metal roof sheeting is the most durable of them all, but again, you must keep the sheeting well maintained in order to keep your roof not only looking great but also staying strong. Our low-pressure soft washing service completed by our Baton Rouge LA roof cleaning team is ideal for metal roofs, and the end result will leave your roof looking brand new.

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For a hard-working and trustworthy company, there really is nowhere better to go; we have a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable workers who take great pride in doing an outstanding job every time. For better peace of mind, our roof cleaning Baton Rouge LA services are fully licensed and insured, so in the rare event of an accident, you and your home are never at risk. We make customer satisfaction our number one priority, and ensure that every job is completed to a high standard – we know how important it is to keep our new and loyal customers happy, and if you’re not happy, we’re not happy.


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Roof Cleaning Questions

No, pressure washing is hugely beneficial for your roof when done correctly. Unfortunately, many homeowners or even some companies carry out pressure washing without having the training or knowledge of proper soft washing methods and can end up causing permanent damage to the roof. As long as proper soft washing methods are being used, there are no negative consequences for your roof.

We use a method called soft washing, this is pressure washing but using a low-pressure setting in order to thoroughly clean the roof without causing any damage. For more delicate areas, such as roofs, soft washing is essential to ensuring that a job can be done well without damage.

The frequency will vary from home to home, however, on average around twice a year is a good starting point. For some people, for example, those who live in extreme weather, or close to areas that increase the level of algae and staining on their roofs, it may have to be done more often. But our team is always on hand to offer you practical advice for your own situation.

The pricing is calculated based on the size of your roof and what type of roof you have, therefore, we would have to do an assessment before being able to give you an exact figure. However, at Primeaux Exteriors, there are no hidden costs and you’ll know the final amount before the work goes ahead.

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